We Love Boys Watching Boygenius Perform at Coachella

A video of three boys watching boygenius perform at Coachella has gone viral, and rightfully so.

“Boys at boygenius,” says the caption of the TikTok video posted on Sunday, showing three boys transfixed by the music of the indie band boygenius. The 30-second clip highlights each of the different boys’ emotions, with one mindlessly moving his body back and forth to the beat, eyes closed, another holding his hands above his head and staring at the stage with an impressed and shocked look on his face, and the third drumming away to the beat. The one who first looked shocked breaks into a huge grin and the video ends.

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The feeling of these boys is a feeling most women — and queer women specifically — know and associate with the beloved band. Comprised of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, the group first formed in 2018 and only reunited last year to release their first album, which fans of the three individual artists have welcomed with open arms. While I would normally say that boygenius is not for the boys (despite its name), this video of three very straight-looking white men seemingly tripping and being moved by the song “Salt of the Wound” has managed to cure my depression and change my opinion.

Comments on the original TikTok video range from “These dudes are my sun, moon, and rising” to “This is the best Coachella video I’ve ever seen” to “This might have healed something in me I’m saving it for later thank you.” After being reposted on Twitter, a consensus has been reached: “This is drugs” tweeted comedian Ashley Ray and nearly every other quote tweet agreed.

No matter what was running through those boys’ veins, it’s something I could re-watch over and over again until I’m one of the lucky ones who get to see boygenuis perform live. Here’s to hoping to be the boy in the middle when the time comes.

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