Charli XCX Teases New Music on Mysterious Instagram Account

Main pop girl Charli XCX has always kept us on our toes.

In the aftermath of a spectacular Coachella debut, a screenshot of a new private Instagram profile, @360_brat, was uploaded to her main Instagram account. Instead of explaining what the account was or what you may find on it, the “Boom Clap” singer opted to leave the caption blank. The account had zero accepted followers but 30 posts already, exacerbating the burning curiosity of fans who are sure that just behind that icon awaits the announcement of a new project by the singer.

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One year following Crash, her most commercially successful album yet, Charli has been hinting at new creative endeavors. As Coachella weekend came to a close and she took her final bow, she sent out a clear message that the Crash era is behind us. “Final show of the crash era.. Rip main pop girl, I buried her alive,” she captioned an Instagram photo. To reiterate, she tweeted out a photo of herself standing in front of gigantic flames with the simple caption: “RIP CRASH.”

But as one door closes, another opens. Back in February, the English musician mentioned to Vogue that her recording contract includes two more albums, leading fans to believe that @360_brat could be the start of a new promotional campaign.

“This account might be similar to what Rosalia did with her MOTOMAMI one,” said one fan in reference to the Spanish singer-songwriter who made a private “album diary” account where she posted behind-the-scenes photoshoots and song snippets.

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Others are hopeful for the release of a song, particularly in reference to a low-quality clip of producer A.G. Cook spinning Charli’s cover of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” that has been making rounds online for the past few weeks, leading to an anticipation frenzy for those who loved what they heard of the unreleased track. Some fans are even speculating that the song will be used in 2023’s Barbie.


A. G. Cook played a new song last night. Barbie Girl cover by Charli XCX ? @Charli XCX #agcook #charlixcx #pcmusic #barbie

Photo via Getty/ Arturo Holmes

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