Charlotte Lawrence: Bright Lights, Radio City

Charlotte Lawrence isn’t one to shy from the spotlight, but she’s also one to bring you in close. There’s always an undeniable intimacy to Lawrence’s music, her soft voice wavering gently over both pared-down guitar ballads and anthemic pop moments. With a penchant for storytelling that tracks the highs and lows of love and loss, Lawrence always knows how to provoke a tear or an ecstatic release.

Her live shows are that and more. The Los Angeles-based “Jokes On You” singer recently joined Madison Beer on her THE SPINNIN TOUR, hitting the legendary Radio City Music Hall, among other iconic venues. In between it all, though, she made time to celebrate with bandmates and friends (one of whom just happens to be Gracie Abrams).

Though her schedule is (like her suitcase) is overflowing, she still took the time to document it all, showing PAPER a glimpse into her life-changing tour. Whether she was reveling in the big moments of a star turn on stage, or enjoying quieter moments with her community, Lawrence shows us that the bright lights are just one part of the whirlwind life of a rising musician.

First time seeing radio city.


Tired but excited.


Getty ready(ish)!

Thank god i didn’t break the table.

Pre-show mommy time.

On way to stage.



One for the eye makeup.

Having a moment.

Best fans in the world.

Actually crying.

The band!

Will and I getting into it.

This was during “Somewhere,” our last song on stage. It’s unreleased

Right off of stage! Our incredible stage manager Dom, he’s a legend.

The boys! Will, Eli and Dan.

Happy! Photo by Tyrell Hampton.

Morning after (time to pack). Thank you PAPER!

Photography: Muriel Knudson, Tyrell Hampton

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