aespa Ditches the Metaverse for the 'Real World'

For their forthcoming third mini-album, Korean girl group aespa’s entrancing cyberpunk metaverse and extraterrestrial jungle is expanding borders beyond the pixelated, alien plain of previous albums into a more naturalistic terrain.

The group – consisting of members NingNing, Winter, Giselle and Karina – announced on Instagram that their newest project, an EP titled MY WORLD, will be available for streaming starting May 8 at 6:00 PM KST.

The accompanying teaser trailer captures the girls in stunning individual shots donning flowing, gauze-y white dresses, cream-colored net hoods paired with heavy platform boots, and seraphic off-the-shoulder lace. Between a theatrical still of water droplets crashing onto the surface of a murky puddle and multiple striking shots of granular mountainscapes, a dainty finger drags itself across the sand of a desert oasis. The audio ascends from dramatizations of nature, harsh winds and waves crashing into hypnotically soulful vocals. “Welcome to my world,” the voice coos.

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If the band’s first album, Savage, was a gritty electro-pop album aimed to lyrically further aespa’s universe, and sophomore album, Girls, was an experimentation with lighthearted themes while staying with the running thread of futurism, then MY WORLD is an extension of the two. This time, it’s with a twist. “aespa is in the REAL WORLD!” proclaims the band’s official Twitter account. “‘Welcome To MY World’ is a dreamy + majestic pop song!”

The concrete news only adds to the anticipation frenzy that has fallen over fans since February, when Aespa teased several unreleased songs during their SYNK: HYPER LINE digital concert.

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At the start of the year, Aespa, in partnership with PAPER, The Dematerialised, SM Entertainment and Warner Music Group, debuted a co-designed, digital capsule collection available at TheDematerialised.com. Pieces, which include æ-accessories and æ pets, are still available to shop until April 27.

Watch the teaser trailer for MY WORLD below ahead of its May 8 release.

Photos courtesy of SM Entertainment

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